Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller

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Ryan Miller

Ryan is an age-group triathlete with a very successful 2022 Ironman AG World Championships 🥈place. Once a footballer (Aussie rules), Ryan gave tri a go in 2015 and hasn't looked back since.

Q: How did you start in triathlon?

I signed up at the Noosa tri in 2015 for the Olympic distance. And in the following 6 months I trained up for my first Ironman.

Q: How was the transition from football to triathlon?

With Australia rules football it was a team environment and had training sessions set out with other teammates. Triathlon is very Individual and requires a lot of self motivation.

Q: And what, would you say, is your strongest section now?

I’m really enjoying the bike and think you can set up your race with a good ride. Plus it’s where all the new exciting tech is.

Q: What was your best race so far?

I really enjoy racing Kona and going sub 9 there was great but also love my home Australia race and overall top ten and winning my age group last year with my second sub nine was still very special.

Q: Do you have an idea what you did in the weeks before the race?

In both races I kept up a regular strength and conditioning program that I think really helped in the later stages of the bike and run were fatigue can really derail your race.

Q: Anything in particular or was it just feeling good at the right time?

I think if you do the work in training and don’t compromise sessions it doesn’t leave anything to chance and will allow you to have the best race. Preparation is always key.

Q: Regarding training, triathletes are quite solo players. Are you as well? Or do you try to train with others as much as you can?

I enjoy training solo but still try and link up with strong athletes and squads whether it’s triathletes or someone specific in their sport like runners or cyclists. We have a great team where I coach at CF racing and performance camps are a great place to link up for some key sessions.

Q: What are your top 3 tips in training for a IM or IM70.3?

My number one tip would be consistency. We tend to over complicate it with numbers and data but the key to improving is consistency. Second would be, find a group of like-minded people that you can lean on along the way. Triathlon can be a lonely sport, but a good group can definitely help with motivation. Lastly have a good coach or mentor. We are often over training or doing junk miles. More is not always best and with great direction can see some big gains.

Q: How important is a balanced diet for an triathlete?

Diet or nutrition is key not only for sport but in general well-being. We ask a lot of our bodies at the elite level and need to fuel it right.

Q: Same for an amateur?

I think amateur and pro can close the gap by not only focusing on training, but also nutrition and recovery. 

Q: Top Gear Tip for swimming?

I think doing drills and going back to basics with technique is key and snorkels are great for this.

Q: Top Gear Tip for biking?

Bike fit is crucial in triathlon for being comfortable and fast to enable running quick off the bike, and of course wheels! Wheels have to be fast.  

Q: Top Gear Tip for running?

I’m loving the new Nike Next% racing shoes. Nike have really step up the game in shoe technology.

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